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This online page archives panasonic discounts. This archive page of Panasonic coupons and coupon codes was made on the 18th of Jan, 2013 (Friday). So, many or all of these Panasonic coupons and discount codes may have ended already. Click the following link to get the current Panasonic coupon codes and bargains. Save money with this listing of PanasonicDirect coupons and bargains.

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Panasonic Discounts

$10 off digital phone with 1 corded and 2 cordless handsets w/ answering system (KX-TG4772B)Expires

$10 off link-to-cell bluetooth cordless phone (KX-TG7731S)Expires

$30 off 5 handset cordless digital phone w/ answering system (KX-TG6645B)Expires

25% off a handful of Phone models (KX-TG7623B, KX-TG7622B, KX-TG6643B, KX-TG6641B, KX-TG6532B, KX-TG4024N, KX-TG4023N, KX-TG4022N, KX-TG4021N.

For this offer, enter Panasonic Coupon Code: PHONESALE


This archive page of Panasonic coupons and discounts was developed on the 18th of Jan, 2013 (Friday). Therefore, many of these Panasonic coupons and promotional offers on this archive page may not be valid any more. Click on one of the next links to get the current list of Panasonic discounts and promotions or bargains for other electronics and technology stores.

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