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JR coupons and JR Direct coupon codes are key to obtaining discounts on JR phones, laptops, digial cameras, camcorders and other electronics. sells audio, video and home theater products including DVD players, DVD recorders, VCRs and LCD projector televisions. Plus they have home appliances and personal care products including vacuums, microwaves and shavers.

Visit the page linked above for the latest JR discount specials. For our archives of old offers, check out the list below.

J&R Coupons Archive

The J&R Coupons Archive has been removed.

The pages listed above are to historic archives of promotional codes, sales specials, discount deals and promotions. As such, most of the listings are likely to be invalid, as they probably expired some time ago. So for the latest deals and promo codes related to electronics, computers, digital cameras, flat panel televisions, video game systems, etc., visit these pages:

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At, you'll discover a plethora of personal, home and office electronics, including computers, software, games, DVD and Blu-Ray movies and music. J&R Electronics stocks cameras, CD and DVD players, laptops, audio and video equipment, telephones, cell phones, PDAs, copiers, LCD televisions, plasma TVs, home theater projectors and much more. With great rebates, promotions and free shipping on numerous products, you'll save big on trusted names such as Sony, Bose, JBL, Panasonic and Nikon.

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